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Why Businesses Should Charter Private Jets

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Businesses today need to use the services of a private jet charter company. The restrictions placed upon today’s public airline industry place too many limitations on business travelers, limitations that make it hard for a company to do business and earn a profit.

Chartering a private jet makes sense for a business on several levels. Here are a few:

Time: No longer will your team members have to arrive at an airport terminal the recommended two hours before a flight in order to get through security and check-in. Instead, one of your executives simply arrives at the airport, boards the plane, and leaves. In addition, your executive won’t have to wait in a terminal for a connection between legs of her flight because most private jet charter companies offer businesses non-stop flights to cities throughout the U.S., Europe and the world.

Group travel: A company’s executives often travel to the same destination for conferences or business meetings. Hire a private business jet and your executives may travel together, allowing them to prepare presentations as a team. In addition, many private jet charter companies equip their aircraft with many business tools, such as fax machines, Internet and phone service and more. Your team can get a lot of work done while en route.

Schedule flights on your timetable: Charter a private jet and you won’t have to worry if an airline’s flight schedule will get you to a meeting across country that’s been scheduled at the last minute. Instead, you tell the company where you want to go and when. If by chance your flight needs to be delayed due to weather or equipment problems, you’ll be notified immediately and the jet charter company will work diligently to make other arrangements to make sure you arrive at your destination when you want. Just ask a public airline to do the same!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Emtjets Global Aviation:

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Reasons Behind Increase In Demand Of Private Jets

Monday, August 31st, 2009

In these days the demand of private jets increases over commercial flights. The reason behind this may be the benefits or the services provided by private jet companies to the customers especially in terms of convenience. Another reason is there are lots of security checks on the airport which wastes the precious time of the passenger. One has to wait in long queues, some time flights delayed or canceled and like this many more. These are the few problems of the commercial flights that people started chartering private plane.

Private Jet Charter

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Beech King Air Private Jet charter  business is flourishing with growing demand from all over the world now. Although it seems to be an extremely costly affair at onset, the customers are abundant. The personalities who hire private jet charters include CEOs, executives, music & film stars, political leaders and other high profile personalities round the world. Many of them are regular customers to charter brokers.

Many limelight stars prefer private jet charter to commercial flights while touring for their shows on multiple destinations. (more…)