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Emtjets – King Air 300 Inter-Regional

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

If you are conscious about your status and like making style statement everywhere you go then you would not want to compromise on your travel luxuries. You may have several options to fly in style to other countries but enjoying same comfort within your region can be little difficult for some.
Don’t be worried, with exuberant design and ambience of King air 300 aircraft by Emtjets, you can also fly inter regional comfortably. The Aircraft consist of 14 seats and is best suited for short distance travel. (more…)

Emjets: Go Green Innovation

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Global warming is making news everywhere. The level of pollution is increasing tremendously and causing changes in weather conditions. Government is making constant efforts to tackle this issue to keep the planet green and clean. The harmful effects of global warming cannot be neglected when it comes to flying jets. The jets air-planes release a huge amount of gases into the environment.
There are only few air jet companies that are making a difference and working towards decreasing the level of CO2 in air. CO2 present on our earth surface traps the infra-red rays emitted by sun. (more…)

Aircraft Buy or Sales

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Hawker Aircraft Gone are the days when only few extremely privileged personalities, high-profile business persons or highly successful celebrities would own an aircraft. The new technology and growing demand for private charters has reduced the prices considerably and more number of people, with frequent traveling requirement, can think of owning an aircraft.

Private airlines and private jet charter operators, air-taxi operators are among the frequent buyers and sellers of used and new aircrafts. Even some smaller companies and individuals, and high-profile commuters can opt for buying a new or second-hand aircraft to experience the pleasure and luxury of owning an aircraft. It’s not a big deal anymore. (more…)