Flying in Style

Most of us will never fly in a private jet, let alone buy one.  If you happen to be billionaire then you might be in the market for a private customized jet. Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal is one of those lucky billionaires that has decided to make a rather large purchase.  He recently bought the world’s most expensive private jet ever put together.  This customized Airbus A380 is one of the most amazing thing’s I’ve ever laid eyes on.

It seats 600 normally, but because of all the additions added there is limited seating.  Have you ever heard of a plane having an on-board garage?  It would be nice to be able to drive right off a plane and on to the mainland.  I’ve heard of boats being able to hold cars but not private jets!  There are 5 master suites with king-size beds and up to 20 sleepers that are the equivalent of first class.  Have you ever heard of a plane that had an elevator?  Well this one has a cylindrical elevator that comes out of the bottom of the plane. As if that wasn’t enough, the plane has 3 floors with various amenities.  One floor is a concert hall that seats 10 and has a baby grand piano!  The plane also has a boardroom and a full-size steam room.

One of the coolest features is in the “Wellbeing Room”.  It has a projected image across the bottom of the floor that shows exactly what you’re flying over.  I assume this is similar to what a glass bottom boat might look like.

It almost seems as if this guy purposely wanted to make this the most over-the-top plane just because he could.  By comparison a Boeing Business Jet starts at $42 million.  The price tag for the prince’s plane is right around $488 million.

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