Another Advantage of Private Jet Travel

As the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. approached several weeks ago, dissension began stirring among the traveling public over the overly invasive nature of the Transportation Security Administration’s new screening procedures. The major media outlets were humming with the controversy:

  • Are the images produced by the full-body scanners too revealing?
  • Are they safe? What about excess radiation?
  • Do the alternative pat-down screenings violate a person’s right to privacy?

A protest was even planned for the day before Thanksgiving, the busiest day of the year, with some activists encouraging travelers to “opt out” of the full-body scan and submit to the pat-down instead, thus creating delays for all. The TSA responded by staffing additional personnel at airport checkpoints and launching a concerted media campaign to convince the public that the screening procedures were safe. In the end, the planned protest did not get off the ground, with only a small percentage of travelers “opting out” of the full-body scan. Travelers that day generally reported no extra inconvenience, and the uproar has since died down.

However, the questions about the security procedures have still not been fully addressed to everyone’s satisfaction. Many people remain concerned about the invasive nature of the screenings and the safety of the scanning machines. Traveling on commercial airlines was already fraught with stress and hassle, and these questionable screening procedures have added even more anxiety to the process for many.

But not for private jet travel. Flying on a private charter has long been the choice of those preferring the convenience and efficiency of point-to-point transport. These benefits are now even more pronounced: no TSA security screening. While customs clearance and inspections are of course required whenever crossing international boundaries, regardless of whether you’re on a private plane or a commercial flight, Emtjets customers are not subject to the strict policies and procedures required by the TSA before boarding. Our customers simply show up at the airport and board.

As a provider of personalized air service to the discriminating traveler, Emtjets makes safety and security a priority. Our clients know that we pay extra attention to their needs during travel, and we ensure the same care is used in maintaining our service providers’ fleet of aircraft. Emtjet’s clients get the best of both worlds: a top-of-the-line experience in comfortable and  convenient travel, without the hassle and personal intrusion of the invasive screening processes that are the common experience of anyone flying on a commercial carrier.

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