The birth of the private jet industry

One of the best feelings of prestige comes from traveling via a plane from one location to the other, and not through booking a flight ticket, but through private jet. It is faster, less demanding and less crowded compared with the other traveling options. The private jet industry has had its roots dating back to the end of World War II when most of the super powers involved in the war manufactured excess numbers of aircrafts. Some of these were consequently converted to be of use for commercial purposes.

The Learjet was the first small jet to be used in air charter by such operators as Hop-a-jet. Such companies as these simply managed these aircrafts. They did not buy them from the manufacturers. This helped them to sustain higher profits from this business that was evidently becoming popular with the higher earning Americans of the time. This would for one reason or the other start sparking differences between plane owners and subsequent managers of the planes, due to “operational control” wrangles between the two entities. It would take the FAA to sit down and make some regulatory specifications in order to clear up this mess, since the business seemed to favor one party over the other.

Options Related to flying privately

The private jet industry then became increasingly popular as those with the financial means saw the benefits – some of these options include:

On-demand travel: This is a travel option that gives the user of the private jet the option of paying as he is in need of the charter. It is the most popular form of travel. Here the user pays only for the trip he wishes to travel.

Shared Ride Service: This is a system that affords the user to share a trip with another of the same destination. Contrary to common commercial flights, the trip taken avoids the use of airports as bays for the plane, instead making use of private airports. It is therefore less onerous as compared to public air transportation. The use of helicopters with a carrying capacity of 4 to 12 passengers has often been associated with this kind of traveling option.

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